Quay Friends

As a Quay Friend you are especially important to us, not only because of the additional income derived, but because you are showing support for your Local Radio Station. A station that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is run for the most part by an enthusiastic band of volunteers. A station which does its best to bring you everything that needs to be known and heard by the Island’s populace.

We are proud to have had the ability to do so recognised by being awarded the 2019 Sure Customer Care Service Award. 

For an annual subscription of £12 (through to the following 31st March) Quay Friends will enjoy the following membership benefits:

Quay Dates: Every Quay Friend is entitled to select their Birthday, OR Anniversary date, which will be broadcast on each ‘live’ show during the course of their special day.

Quay Christmas: Every Quay Friend will receive a personal Christmas message on one of our ‘live’ morning shows leading up to Christmas.

Quay ‘Cuppa’: Every Quay Friend is welcome to visit the Quay FM Studio and enjoy a free cup of Coffee, or Tea, whilst they take the opportunity to have a look around the studio.

Quay Draw: Every Quay Friend (provided that they are fully paid up and current), will automatically be entered into our Quarterly Draws (April, July, Oct & Jan to re-align with the new membership year). There will be just one Winner, the prize being vouchers available for use in local shops, restaurants, hostelries and service providers. The value is dependent on the total number of Quay Friends, but is currently £100.

Quay Car Sticker: Every Quay Friend will also receive one of our Quay FM car stickers.

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Sure Customer Service Award 2019