The online service of QUAY-FM  is sponsored 100% and maintained by CHANNELISLES.NET, the internet names people.

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, please read the below information before using the link to listen online.

QUAY-FM's Online Service


COVID-19 - Important Information about listening online. PLEASE READ NOW

The number of simultaneous online users was originally limited by a configuration parameter.

This was an intentional rate-limit because otherwise QUAY-FM has to pay quite a bit more for the broadcast copyright rights of the music if played to a world-wide audience, as well as for technical stability reasons (i.e. to keep it reliably streaming). We are very proud that the streaming service has been rock solid, for the last 5 years.

As I'm sure you all may know when we started online streaming, internet streaming was originally intended so that people off-island could "listen in" to QUAY-FM and keep their connections to Alderney alive. This has worked well.


Streaming demand  multiplied tenfold in the last few days, from both outside and inside the Bailiwick.
The technical team at CHANNELISLES.NET are monitoring the streaming servers, ensuring that resources are available to ensure that everyone who needs to hear the important information, particularly the daily updates from the President of the States of Alderney, can do so.

We have already (25th March) upped the limit om simultaneous listeners very considerably, given the sudden peak in listener demand.


If you are in Alderney and you have a radio, please use it to listen to QUAY-FM on 107.1 (FM)
, so please don't use the live-stream unless it's really necessary.

If you are not in Alderney, we would ask, please, that think carefully, and consider your use of the livestream during the current difficulties in order to make sure everyone can get access.

CHANNELISLES.NET and QUAY-FM will continue to maintain our 100% commitment to supporting the community's access to information in these difficult times.

Technical Information
(MP3 stream at 128 kbps.)

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